16 June 2019

Some Surprising Rebukes on the Day of Judgement

Passage: Revelation 3:14-22
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Christians will be judged. The itemised bill is paid in full by Jesus, but it will probably contain many surprises. We may expect the 7 deadly sins to feature largely, but when we look at what Jesus rebukes His disciples for 7 other surprising sins feature most prominently: judgementalism, lack of spiritual understanding, prayerlessness, worry, shame, fear, and most of all, lack of faith. We mention several passages backing up these 7 themes. We may be focusing on moral issues in our lives and neglecting to notice the spiritual concerns which are the focus of Jesus' rebukes. If we feel the rebuke of Jesus, it is because He loves us v19. The sins for which He rebukes us are forgiven sins. we will be acquitted. However, let us ensure we focus on the sins Jesus focuses on in His disciples, lest we are blind to what makes for a rich relationship with Him.