Our Church Leadership

Minister/ Pastor: Rev Roddie M. Rankin

Roddie has spent most of his life in the Highlands of Scotland, and has served the congregation for 30 years.  He says, “I was the youngest minister in the Free Church when I came to Plockton and Kyle.  Now this community is very much home, and my wife Margaret, and children Kenny, Ally and Brighde are deeply rooted here.  The church and community have changed out of all recognition in the three decades I’ve lived here, but people’s needs remain much the same.  I still retain a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with the people of Lochalsh, and am truly grateful for all the friendships which I have forged here in the work of the gospel, not least those with the other elders.”

Contact Roddie at: roddie(put ‘at’ symbol here)badicaul.plus.com


The Elders in the congregation are responsible for helping to lead the church and to provide support, encouragement and teaching to those in the church. In our congregation they are:

Murdo Macleod: murdohelectrician(put ‘at’ symbol here)gmail.com

Willie Fraser: wamf62(put ‘at’ symbol here)yahoo.com


Our Support for the Wider Church:

In addition to working with local churches our congregation also has many missionary contacts, with Free Church workers and with other organisations such as OM, Project Ecuador, WEC International, CWI and Latin Link.

Our Plans for the Future:

The Kyle church building is a little over a hundred years old, with a church hall having been added in 1994.  We have nearly completed  plans to redevelop the interior of the church as we look to the fellowship and mission possibilities of the future!