There are many voices clamouring for our attention these days, and many that won't do us good. How is God speaking today and how can we hear Him personally?

The Way of Righteousness

12 September 2021

This message is about what happens when you bring a politically incorrect gospel message into national life. We look at the prophet (Jeremiah), the priests and false prophets, the people…

Christ Satisfies Completely

23 February 2020

Miraculous Mary Magdalene

16 February 2020
Mary Magdalene fits in with the company of the apostles and of Jesus' family, in that days-long prayer meeting. She is accepted as a mature believer in and follower of…
Jeremiah counsels his people to choose the good, old, known ways of the Mosaic covenant. We apply this to the choices we make and to our need to choose the…
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We are a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland, based in the communities of Kyle and Plockton.

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