What We Believe:

We believe that we have good news.  That good news is not a lucky find or a fortuitous event.  It is a person.  Jesus Christ.  Knowing that He came, lived, died, rose and reigns for us is good news.  It is light in our darkness.  It transforms our joys and our sorrows, our prosperity and austerity, our friendships and fall-outs, our past, present and future.

Our Mission Statement:

Plockton and Kyle Free Church is a community of ordinary people from diverse backgrounds deeply committed to the Lochalsh area.  We welcome people of all ages, abilities and outlooks, and work with other churches and agencies, locally and abroad. Together we are learning how to live out our faith in a consistent and compelling way. By loving, generous actions and clear, respectful words we share what God has done for all people through Jesus Christ, so that they also may discover his peace and purpose for their lives.

Our gatherings for worship are marked with the simplicity of our Scottish tradition, and focus on the bible.  We sing modern and traditional versions of the psalms as well as hymns, read and consider the message of the bible for our lives today, and respond to God’s goodness in prayer.  We remember the young people in our midst with teaching focused on them in the services, bible classes and youth fellowships.

Who We Are

We are a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland, based in the communities of Kyle and Plockton.

Contact Us

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Luskentyre, Badicaul
By Kyle, Ross-shire
IV40 8BB