20 August 2023

New Beginnings

Passage: Isaiah 66:22-24
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We have taken just over 9 weeks to read through and think through Isaiah's book.
We have seen the desperate godless, idolatrous, corrupt and violent condition of Judah and Jerusalem.
We have seen how the church is like the stump that remains when a tree is cut down. It will grow again, but it is in a poor condition presently. We've drawn comparisons with our own nation.
We have also seen the mission and work of the Servant of the LORD - his sufferings, and now his triumph, for in the chapters towards the end of the book (55-66) the Servant brings victory to his people.
The final phase of this victory is called the new heavens and the new earth. The New Testament will say much more about this. Isaiah's picture is very Jerusalem based and lacks the splendour of John's vision in Revelation.
We explore Isaiah's vision and seek hope and encouragement for our future.