27 November 2022

The Servant and His Terms of Service

Passage: Philippians 2:5-8, Matthew 4:1-11
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Paul reads Jesus' mind here and tells us what he sees, so we can learn how to think like Jesus. We see that means thinking like a servant. We see how Paul chooses his words carefully to show that Jesus was really a man, but more, and really and fully God. He was also really and fully a servant. We begin today to see what His terms of service were. He was led by the Spirit and obedient to the words of God. We might think that is strange when He was God: why would He need led or not get to choose for Himself what He did? But those were His terms of service, in order to be like us and succeed in overcoming temptations which defeat us, so that He could be our perfect Saviour and die for our sins. We look at His temptation as told in Matthew 4 to help us grasp all of this.