Do we know ourselves? Often we make wrong assumptions which lead us to the wrong conclusions. If we trust our assumptions we become blind to truth. We need to come…
Other people are full of surprises. So is Jesus!
We remember Jesus' body in the Lord's Supper. Why do we need Jesus' body? Are our bodies not good enough? How Jesus' body determines the future of our bodies when…

The Pandemic has brought many changes to society and to the church, just as Jesus' coming brought in a new kingdom. How we respond to those changes reveals the desires…
There are many voices clamouring for our attention these days, and many that won't do us good. How is God speaking today and how can we hear Him personally?

Who We Are

We are a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland, based in the communities of Kyle and Plockton.

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Luskentyre, Badicaul
By Kyle, Ross-shire
IV40 8BB